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Maximizing Cash Flow with a "Pension Fund Style" Investment Strategy

AIMS knows that Canadian baby boomers are looking for ways to…

  • reduce exposure to public market volatility
  • increase cash flow in retirement
  • ensure they don’t outlive their money

Our “Pension Fund Style” investment strategy has two key components

  • invest in private assets outside of the public markets to increase cash flow and overall diversification
  • use income based insurance products to generate a guaranteed income in retirement

Pensioners enjoy the security of having a consistent income stream during retirement. A large part of the income that is generated by pension funds like Canada Pension Plan is through the ownership of private assets, which currently makes up over 40% of their portfolio. A combination of high yielding private investments and guaranteed income from insurance products can be an excellent combination to maximize cash flow in retirement.


Learn More About How to Build Your Own Personalized Pension Plan

Interested in knowing…

  • How much guaranteed income you would receive from investing $100,000 into an annuity?
  • The targeted level of cash flow a $100,000 investment in a diversified private market portfolio could generate for you?
  • How much income tax you could save by using a RRSP meltdown tax strategy?

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